What is Fast-Track training?

"Fast-Track" refers to a method of intensive in-class training delivery allowing participants to complete a qualification or course in very short time. The time taken is dependant on the qualification and excludes any extra assessments required to be completed by the learner outside the training to complete the qualification.

Pre- and post- fallout of TAFE cutbacks in VIC, NSW and QLD, there were claims that private RTO's were providing poor quality training. As an example, it was cited they could provide 5-10 day completion times for a qualification versus the usual 3-6 month completion time frame within the TAFE system.

The experience of Institute personnel is that if a student is given a long timeframe to complete a qualification, they will draw out studies accordingly with varying degrees of procrastination. However, if a student is disciplined enough focussing on completing the required study and assessments quickly, they can complete a qualification in a very short time. This varies on the requirements of the qualification.

Fast-Track training sessions involves intense training and assessment with NO room for procrastination. Our ASQA audited training and assessments fullfulls all quality requirements and demonstrate all requirements for qualification completion. Institute students/clients not only recieve an education in the skill set(s), but also a demonstrated experience on what can be achieved personally with focus, intensity and discipline. Studying is not just about acquiring skill sets, its just as much about essential life skills and mastering achievement.

Experience achievement!

Fast-Track training sessions are either:

Conducted for businesses or organisations seeking bulk training for staff

Conducted at pre-arranged locations and dates for general public enrolment

How to enrol into a Fast-Track session?

STEP 1: Check the timetable below for the course and date suitable to you;

STEP 2: Enrolment form. Complete and send to fasttrack@anitad.edu.au;

STEP 3: Await for a confirmation email (max 48 hour turn-around) and invoice. The email will confirm your booking subject to payment, pre-attendance fees, training date, location and amenities, session outline and assessments and materials to bring;

STEP 4: Complete pre-attendance fee payment according to invoice instructions. Payments are necessary to secure the enrolment booking unless pre-arranged with the Institute enrolments office;

STEP 5: Attend the training;

Business/organisations requiring Fast-Track training

Specialist training services
Businesses and organisations seeking bulk professional development training can request Fast-Track delivery at any time. Our specialist services include:

  • Course customisation: working with your business / organisation, our staff can customise course content and activities;
  • Flexible delivery location: the Institute can deliver at a nominated or other pre-arranged location;;
  • Training needs assessments: to customise the training package according to your workplace needs.

Fast-Track timetable

2015 timetable will be published shortly.

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