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      Corporate/contract training delivery;
      Auspice partnerships;
      Training resource development, reviewing & registration;
      Compliance solutions to VETQF or AQTF;
      AQTF > VETQF RTO transition;
      Extensions to scope;
      Assessment validation;

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    Corporate/contract training
    RTO Services

    Our trainers can deliver a wide range of qualifications
    and professional development short courses. The Institute can:

      Deliver existing courses on Institute scope;
      Deliver courses on an alternative scope*;
      Manage training related administration & compliance;

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    Training resource development
    editing and reviewing
    RTO Services

    Our trainers can deliver a wide range of qualifications
    and professional development courses on our scope
    or under another RTO's scope. The Institute can:

      Full development, reviewing or enhancing training material;
      Updating and reregistering superseded training packages;
      Manage all training related administration & compliance;

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A registered training organisation (RTO) is costly and time consuming to manage: registration management, compliance administrative paperwork, training resource reviewing, validations and moderations the list is endless. Personnel at the Institute have worked in the VET industry for many years and bring this wealth of experience to private and public RTO entities, as well as non-RTO entities searching for professional accredited training solutions for their personnel or clients.


The Institute RTO services group also offers "turn-key" RTO management solutions. These services enable RTO's to get on with the important business of delivering training to clients.

Institute services designed for RTO entities

Outsourced training delivery;
Training resource development, reviewing - VETQF, AQTF, AQF;
RTO compliance solutions;
AQTF > VETQF transition for RTO's;
Extensions to scope;

Institute services designed for non-RTO entities

Outsourced training delivery;
Auspice partnership;

Outsourced training delivery services

As a private RTO, trainers at the Institute have more than 25 years delivering training to domestic and International businesses and organisations. RTO's and non-RTO's can outsource training delivery to the Institute.

Training on scope

The Institute can deliver training based on our scope of offering or under your scope provided we are qualified to deliver the training package. Training can be fully customised for your client needs and delivery can take place at a nominated location.

Can you deliver a qualification that is not on your or our scope?

Off course we can but it involves registration of the qualification to scope and sourcing a qualified trainer-assessor to deliver the training.

The Institute will develop and register the training package on our/your scope (depending on how you wish to arrange it) and source a trainer who is qualified to deliver. Our staff are qualified to deliver to the highest AQF levels in the business, management and finance areas, so we are qualified to deliver on almost all qualifications in those training packages. Alternatively, you may already have a staff member who is qualified to deliver. The Institute would properly assess and map trainer competencies and professional development prior to registration. We can provide or source professional development solutions to ensure trainers are fully qualified to deliver under compliance to standards set in the VET Quality Framework (see Auspice partnerships below).

The Institute can deliver through:

Auspice partnership

Partnering allows any non RTO business or organsiation to deliver nationally recognised training under the auspice of the Australian National Institute for Training and Development. Auspice partnership arrangements with the Institute serves the needs of:

An auspice arrangement allows non RTO entities to use their own trainers (or Institute trainers) to deliver accredited training in partnership with the Institute. The role of the Institute is to formally register the training to the Institute scope and ensure that an auspicing partner training and student management system and related base operations is compliant to standards set in the VET Quality Framework (VETQF).

Each partnership is given a dedicated program manager responsible for collaboration and quality management of outcomes. They will:

Training resource development, editing and reviewing

High quality compliant training and assessment material makes up one of the core components of an RTO. The Institute has an experienced team of writers with many years experience with developing, editing and reviewing training and assessment material to the national VET Quality Framework standards and AQTF standards. The Institute offers a wide range of training resource development services including:

Compliance solutions

The Institute offers the following compliance services to exisiting RTO's:

AQTF > VETQF transitions for RTO's

Transition requirements and VET Fee HELP
RTO's wanting to access the Commonwealth VET Fee HELP (subsidies for AQF 5-6 qualifications) must transition from the AQTF > VETQF.

RTO's may wish to transition from the Australian Quality Training Framework (AQTF) to the National based Vocational Education and Training Quality Framework (VETQF) for several reasons that may include:

The Institute can help RTO's make the transition by:

Extensions to scope of registration

The Institute can help RTO's extend their scope of registration through either consultation and advice and/or developing training material for extensions to scope. The Institute offers:

Assessment validation

The Institute can help clients develop a validation system or conduct the validation. Validation is a process required by the VET Quality Framework and AQTF to ensure the quality and consistency of assessment material. During validation, assessors compare and evaluate assessment materials and tools against the unit of competency to ensure:

Compliance standards require that all assessment methods are to be systematically validated and documented during registration of a training package.

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