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Client service policy

  Client service policy

Client rights and responsibilities

It is important that the rights and obligations of all students/clients and staff at the Institute are respected.

Client rights

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Client responsibilities


Complaints and feedback

In order to maintain a high level of service, ANITAD welcomes any student/client feedback. The Institute is committed to continual improvement and feedback received is important. The Institute takes all positive and negative feedback seriously. Feedback can be submitted via:

  Give general feedback
  Complaints and appeals form

The Institute is keen to inform students/clients of any outcome and will only be able to do this if you provide your name and address. We will endeavour to inform you of any action within 14 days. All feedback is treated confidentially and, at no stage, will personal details be revealed without consent. The Institute also welcomes students and clients to submit positive feedback on these forms. We like to pass on compliments to our staff.

Appeals (education and training accredited qualifications)

ANITAD endeavours to create a positive learning environment for students and clients, one in which each student has the opportunity to achieve their personal best. Part of the maintenance of that positive environment is a fair and open complaints and appeals procedure made available to all clients. Students have the right to appeal against decisions concerning client selection, enrolment, exemptions and assessment.

In the first instance, students are encouraged to discuss the matter with the relevant lecturer. Students also have the right to formally present their case to the Business Services Officer who will carry out an independent investigation. The Business Services Officer will provide you with a written decision on the issue within ten days of receipt. If the student/client is not satisfied, an external appeal can be made to the Aust. Council for Private Education and Training (ACPET) within 10 working days of receiving a response from the Institutes Business Quality Manager. ACPET will conduct an external review of the case and inform the Institute and the student of the outcomes. Students always have the right to appoint an independent nominee to attend any discussions.

  Complaints and appeals process

Disability services

Students with a disability or special needs who wish to study at the Institute are encouraged to contact the Business Services Officer at

Assistance can be provided with:

* qualification selection and enrolment;
* customised orientation;
* coordination of support for learning;
* alternative study and assessment arrangements;

The National Relay Service is an Australian Government Initiative that helps those who are deaf or have a hearing or speech impairment get in contact with others. For information go to the website at :

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