Enrolment form: qualifications
 Enrolment form: short courses
 Enrolment form: eLearning
 Enrolment amendment form
 Course withdrawal / refund application form
 Complaints and appeals form
 Assessment coversheet
 Learner access form
 Application FORM replacement award

 Govt funding-incentive enquiry form
 Request business service quote form (RTO Services)
 Request business service quote form (Accounting-bookkeeping, professional-technical writing, grant/funding writing)

Documents, information kits & capability statements

  RPL information kit
 Complaints and appeals process
 Australian Qualifications Framework 2011

 Assessment cover sheet
 Student-client induction form

Policies and procedures

See Institutes policies and responsibilities page

 Equal opportunity policy
 Occupational safety and health policy
 Student/client refunds policy
 Complaints and appeals policy
 Privacy policy
 Service fees policy
 Credit pathways policy
 Credit pathways procedures

Institute publications

 Institute Client Guide

Quarterly newsletters
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Institute prospectus
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Annual reports
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